Adenosine Therapeutics

Stedivaze Steering Committee

Robert Hendel, MD, FACC - Chair

Director, Cardiac Imaging; Director, Clinical Services; Professor of Medicine and Radiology, University of Miami

Member, ACC/AHA Task Force on Clinical Data Standards

Dennis Calnon, MD, FACC, FASE, FASNC

Head, Division of Nuclear Cardiology, McConnell Heart Hospital

Director, Nuclear Imaging, Mid-Ohio Cardiology and Vascular Consultants

Investigator, MidWest Cardiology Research Foundation

Gordon DePuey, MD, FACC

Director of Nuclear Medicine, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital

Professor of Radiology, Columbia University

David Glover, PhD, FAHA, FASNC

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia

Gary Heller, MD, PhD, FACC

Research Officer, Intersocietal Accreditation Commission

David Wolinsky, MD, FACC

Board certification in Nuclear Cardiology

Staff Cardiologist, Cleveland Clinic, Florida

Member, Board of Directors, American Society of Nuclear Cardiology


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